Thursday, August 15, 2013

Catchup on your most recent shows with catchup services on your smart Television

I am sure the more youthful readers perusing this article will not think this at all, but there was a time, not too far in the past, where the only content you might watch on TV was anything happened to be on at the time. It is a time before the VCR, before DVD, before iPlayer…A veritable land before time.

Instead of today’s reference rag, bought more out of habit than required and then callously lined under the coffee table, the TV Guide was one time a holy document, a scripture to be savoured and pondered upon for a complete week, ahead of little sections and images were cropped, with fantastic care and attention, and pasted into scrapbooks so that whole family could re-live their favourite series of ‘The Avengers’ that may not again be transmit for decades.

When VHS came down, viewers finally had the option to regulate their own content. In fact, this Promethean innovation permitted us to record Television shows, just in case we had to go out. We could even buy our favorite shows and replay them to our heart’s content, though you’re limited to how many series you could buy, because the darned things were big enough to develop an annex from, and still have enough for a patio and a loft extension (which is just what we did down my road – It boosted the home value in the region for a good 6 months before anyone noticed the new master bedroom was made out of old copies of ‘Under Siege’).

When DVD arrived, followed by downloadable content, it saved space and it made the guy inside the commercials go “whoa!” like Keanu Reeves receiving an Eskimo roll right up the you-know-what. The challenge was that TV still catered solely to its own timetable, as opposed to yours.

The BBC iPlayer and its ilk changed even that. Does watching ‘Mock The Week’ conflict with your sophisticated catering class? Well, now you can watch it on whatever night of the week you prefer, which is lovely because, in the case of the particular show, watching older DVDs can make you flinch at once hilarious Jade Goody or Amy Winehouse jokes which are now…not so fresh.

On-Demand content also includes content streamed over the Internet, something your Smart TV will now pick up a whole lot better than your PC will. This consists of Net-only TV shows along with Independent, user-created content just like you can find on Youtube, Dailymotion or Vimeo (all of which have downloadable Smart TV applications). Using applications offered by companies like Amazon or Netflix, that were primarily developed specifically for the World wide web, you’ll be able to even rent modern movies directly to your Television watching them anytime you prefer and in no way having to worry about getting up early to deliver the box back to Blockbusters on your route to work.

On Demand content basically implies that if it’s on the market, the chances are it is possible to look at it. Smart TV means that you can watch what you wish; however you want, whenever you want. That’s right, you call the shots. Now, whenever you ask out the girl in the chippie and she says “I can’t that night cos Emmerdale’s on” you will not need to slink home disappointed. Instead, you will simply suggest she catches up with it at another occasion.

Smart TV basically remakes you, the viewer, into the master of your own entertainment destiny. You can choose from exactly anything one can imagine and watch it anytime you like. You could even watch your Uncle Gordon’s holiday videos…But the wonder is that it is not the one thing that’s on. Personally, I would sooner track down and re-watch ‘Demolition Man’. 

Catchup on your most recent shows with catchup services on your smart Television