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What you need to know if you"re looking to get a CB radio

Latest news – If you may be planning to get a CB two way radio then this post has a rundown of the stuff to look out for prior to a purchase.  If you’re a daily user or a first time user this short article will help you as part of your research for a ideal walkie talkie for your wants.


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Table Of Contents – Midland Radio - Midland Radio | Home
Congratulations on your purchase of a state-of-the-art mobile CB radio. In the years ahead, you can expect to realize time and again why Midland holds 


Before operating your Maxon Citizens Band Radio, read this Owner’s Manual carefully. If you have a problem, refer to the “Troubleshooting” section of


CB Radio Application Form – GRA – Home Page
Application form CB Radio Licence APPLICANT DETAILS Name Address Tel: Fax: Email: BASE STATION DETAILS Station Address (if different from above or enter ‘Mobile’) 


29 LTD HD LE Operating Instructions for your Cobra 29 LTD HD LE Edition CB Radio The Citizens Band lies between the shortwave broadcast and 10-meter Amateur radio bands, 


-J03645 REV. 2008-05-14 ADVANCED AUDIO CB RADIO KIT GENERAL Kit Number 76416-06C Models For model fitment inf ormation, please see the P&A Retail Cat-


TRC-499 - CB Tricks – Home Page
Cat. No. 21-1599 OWNER’S MANUAL 40-Channel 2-Way CB Radio Please read before using this equipment. TRC-499 Page 1 Thursday, August 5, 1999 10:59 AM 


2 How to install your Midland mobile CB .. 3 Installation and operating accessories furnished with your Midland 


TRC521 CB Radio - CBRadioMagazine.Com – The Only Online CB …
CB radio provides hours of fun and entertainment! Listen and talk to people from all over the country while traveling, and make new friends along routes that you regularly travel. 


PRO 510 Professional Mobile CB Radio - Home – At Uniden
Replacement or substitution of crystals, transistors, IC’s, regulator diodes or any other part of a unique nature, with parts other than those recommended 

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CB RADIO ANTENNA – ZCG SCALAR – Antennas For Broadcast, Base …
CB RADIO ANTENNA SUMMARY ZCG Scalar, Head Office, 1 Hall Street, PO Box 7, Lindenow, Victoria, 3865, Australia Telephone (03) 5157-1203, Fax (03) 5157-1641 


Installing A Mobile CB Radio - Cobra Technical
Installing a Mobile CB Radio Typically the first step in installing a mobile CB is to choose the radio. There are a number of features to consider such as: 


40 Channel Mobile CB Radio - CB Tricks – Home Page
Cat. No. 21-1703 OWNER’S MANUAL Please read before using this equipment. 40 Channel Mobile CB Radio with Channel 9/19 Priority Switch A TRC-503 Page 1 Thursday, August 5, 1999 4:41 PM 

Cat. No. 21-1701 OWNER’S MANUAL 40-Channel 2-Way CB Radio Please read before using this equipment. TRC-501 Page 1 Thursday, August 5, 1999 12:50 PM 


Public.. – WordPress.Com — Get A Free Blog Here
Public.. While Family Radio Service (FRS) is gaining in popularity, in some respects it is not as useful as the venerable Citizens Band (CB) radio. 

PRO 520XL Professional Mobile CB Radio - Home – At Uniden
Sheet 2 Page PRO 520XL Professional Mobile CB Radio Printed in China. UTZZ01363EZ(0) 


CB/Ham Radio Base Station Antenna
CB/Ham Radio Base Station Antenna Your Radio Shack CB/Ham Radio Base Station Antenna comes in three eas y-to-as-semble sections and covers far above and below the traditional CBchannels. 


K PwrSaver DW Func CB/WX CH9/19 Scan HH38WXST Citizens Band 2-Way Handheld CB Radio “Ingenious Products for Easier Communication.” Operating Instructions 


Choosing A Radio
PA Capability – Allows use of the CB radio and microphone as a transmitter for a public address system. This requires a PA horn (usually not included) that can be mounted 


Secrets Of Successful CB Communications
But CB is our radio of choice for convoys so what say we get it right and make memories on convoys instead of headaches? 


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What you need to know if you"re looking to get a CB radio

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Why are Mario & Luigi known as the Mario Brothers?


For some people of my age group, Mario and Luigi games have been around for our entire lives. There have seemingly always been Mario and Luigi games. There are a number of us, I’m sure, who’d see it as an indication of the approaching apocalypse. For most of us, less crazy, people, Mario and Luigi games mark the passing of your years, ageing to perfection sort of a fine wine.


Don’t expect to become a guru on Italian culture by playing Mario and Luigi games. Actually, when I had my first Italian instruction (aged around eleven) I did my best Mario impersonation when delivering my lines to the remainder of the class. To his eternal credit, my lecturer never once chided me with a order “do it again, and now be less of a berk!”


We have even seen solo Luigi spin-offs over the years. Which is extraordinary bearing in mind that he was originally merely a green version of Mario. This meant that the pink skeletons on Golden Axe II were in fact much tougher You’re my entry-level bad guys, which means you wear dull grey and brown, you’ll be confined, hidden away and you won’t appear to be a berk, no matter how bad your Italian is! But you, my elite and unstoppable personal guard, YOU shall be clad in Neon Disco Pink! Mwahahahaha!”) well done to Luigi.


In the Mario and Luigi games tie-in cartoon, that Was shown on Saturday morning along with such greats as ‘Jayce & The Wheeled Warriors’ ‘Ulysses 31’ ‘Visionaries’ and ‘M.A.S.K’ (three points for each theme song it is possible to remember) Luigi was presented as a bit of a bumbler, a fool even, actually, I’ve just this second raised a childhood memory of being forced by my friend Jimmy to be Luigi as we acted out the cartoon (aged about 7) and him yelling at me (in Berkish Italian) for having crumbs in my pocket. There, that’s how far back Mario and Luigi games go if you’re my age, there is scarcely a time without them. The mere mention of Mario and Luigi games takes us on a visit down Sends us on a nostalgia trip, so lets-a-go!


Now its the turn of today’s children to take Mario and Luigi adventures to the next level, which is terrific. Though, if you are a parent who’s a little older than me, let me set the record straight on a couple of things 1) There is nothing to be learned about Italian from these games 2) Your child will learn nothing at all about plumbing from these games 3) he/she’s going to look like a berk when they do the accent. That’s it.

Why are Mario & Luigi known as the Mario Brothers?

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

75th anniversary of that 1st arrival of Superman.

This month sees the seventy fifth anniversary of that first arrival of Superman.

June 1938 saw the initial issue of ‘Action Comics’, which enclosed the actual initial appearance of the individual that will inspire lot of people worldwide. It is, to all intents and purposes, the delivery of the superhero tale.

The character was an immediate hit, inspiring not just the whole genre of superhero fiction, but additionally broadcasting drama, film serials and reams of merchandise.

Superman creators Jerry Siegel (writer) and Joe Shuster (artist) had worked for years, first to generate the character and then to sell him to the publisher.

In 1932, the pair created a fanzine called ‘Science Fiction’ which enclosed the story ‘Reign #of the# Supermen’, that includes a villainous, all-powerful being. Later that same year, this emergent ‘Superman’ was re-tooled into the greater heroic version we all know today.

The idea for the new Superman seemingly came to Siegel one restless nighttime, during which he wrote the complete story that would ultimately appear in ‘Action Comics’ inaugural issue. The next day, Shuster built the character’s iconic look and a hero was born.

In 1933, following a series of rejections, a disconsolate Shuster actually set fire to the early edition of the story. All that survived was the cover art, an image which has since become iconic.

Editor Sheldon Mayer was the first person to take a big gamble on Superman, giving the colorful hero a canopy appearance on the first issue of Action Comics. This subject, in mint form, can today reach fees as high as $2Million.

Superman has remained popular in comic book series like ‘Superman’ and ‘Action Comics’ also as abundant spin off series starring his supporting characters like Superboy, Supergirl, Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen.

He has also drawn crowds with hit movies like Richard Donner’s 1978 ‘Superman’ film and the 2006 movie ‘Superman Returns’. The character is also a TV mainstay, being depicted in profitable series like ‘Lois & Clark’ and ‘Smallville’ as well as many kid’s cartoons.

Superman’s seventy fifth anniversary will see DC Entertainment unveiling a brief Superman-themed logo celebrating this milestone anniversary.

The particular event will also be commemorated by an innovative new Superman comics series entitled ‘Superman: Unchained’ created within the creative team of Scott Snyder (writer), Jim Lee (artist) and Scott Williams (inks).

Elsewhere, the modern Superman movie ‘Man of Steel’, starring Henry Cavill, will open in theatres from Friday 14th June, ensuring the occasion is well and truly celebrated.


75th anniversary of that 1st arrival of Superman.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sony Unveils Playstation 4, ‘Slapping Face’ of Microsoft

Japanese tech giants Sony have unveiled the fourth instalment of their enormously admired Playstation series.

The games device, that was officially exposed at this year’s E3 Fair in Los Angeles, California, has been vehemently anticipated.

Although many of the console’s features and updates were unveiled in February, Sony had kept potential buyers guessing on some essential facts, including the overall design of the Playstation 4.

Andrew House, President and Group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, said that the Playstation 4 represents, in some ways, a very new Playstation.

Possibly the reports that has many people talking is the statement the Playstation 4 will critically undercut its nearest rival, Microsoft’s Xbox One, on cost. Mr. House announced the Playstation 4 could be sold at US $399 (£349) upon release, whilst, at the exact same exhibition, Microsoft had previously revealed that the Xbox One would cost US $499 (£429).

One more important declaration came when it was revealed that Sony wouldn’t be introducing any limitations on second hand games. Actually, the Playstation 4 won’t even need players to regularly validate their consoles via the Net to be able to continue play.

Conversely, Microsoft has added more limitations regarding who a gamer can buy second-hand titles from. The company has yet gone so far as to require Xbox One gamers to connect to the net once each day so they can use their console.

In response to Sony, there is approximately one hundred forty PS4 games presently in development, with 100 roughly expected to go for sale within the PS4’s first year of release. Trade insiders have speculated that Sony are attempting to reach out to indie developers, particularly those who feel muted by Microsoft.

Drawing a tremendous cheer from the audience, Jack Tretton, boss of Sony Entertainment America stated, “PS4 won’t impose any new limitations on your use of Playstation 4 game discs,”

BBC correspondent Dave Lee reported that, “If console battles were decided through the frequency and volume of whoops and cheers from highly strung gaming fanatics, then Sony has won it hands down”.

The present Sony console, the PS3, outsold Microsoft’s Xbox 360 by a good margin, but was in turn outsold by Nintendo’s Wii. It’s consideration that Sony are attempting to rectify this with the release of the PS4.

Sony’s announcement has been seen by some as a calculated hit against Microsoft, with’s UK Editor-in-Chief Alex Simmons describing it as a extremely public slap across Microsoft’s face.

Sony declined to offer a release date for their new machine, but stoutly hinted that the Playstation 4 should arrive around Christmas.

Sony Unveils Playstation 4, ‘Slapping Face’ of Microsoft

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Is Samsung Taking Apple’s Marketplace Share?

When this inquiry was first put to me, my instantaneous reflection was (adopts Jerry Seinfeld’s awful British accent) “not bloody likely”. However, after some study, I was shocked to uncover that it really is, in fact true.

In February, research firm IDC established that Samsung had doubled its tablet market share in the final 3 months of 2012. Based on BBC news:

“Samsung, which makes the Galaxy range of tablets, sold 7.9 million units, up from 2.2 million a year ago, taking its market share to 15.1%. Market-leader and iPad-maker Apple saw its share slide to 43.6% from 51.7%, despite also seeing a jump in sales. The two have been competing to get a greater share of the tablet PC market, seen as key to their overall growth”.

IDC attributes this increase in growth with a rise in tablet pc business in general and with a greater interest in portable technology in recent years. IDC’s Tom Mainelli alleged,

“New product launches from the category’s top vendors, as well as new entrant Microsoft, led to a surge in consumer interest and very robust shipments totals during the holiday season.”

Microsoft’s Surface only received a tepid reaction, shifting 900,000 models generally in the last three months of 2012. IDC believed that the elevated costs of the Surface (and Microsoft window 8 pc tablets generally, obviously) had hurt sales on the whole. The mixed opinions can’t have helped much, either.

So why has Samsung done so well? The reviews weren’t universally fantastic. Matt Egan of PC, gave the Galaxy Tab 2 a tepid 3.5/5, saying,

“A year ago we liked the Tab 10.1, and for the second generation the hardware specs remain broadly the same, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 has a much better operating system. All for £100 cheaper than it was. We love the bright screen, and adding SD support and 1080p video capture are both improvements. The problem is the competition: the Nexus 7 in particular has changed the game for Android tablets, and is a little more than half the price of the Tab (albeit with a smaller screen, half the storage and no front-facing camera). Meanwhile the iPad remains a cut above for £100 more than the Tab 2 10.1”.

Meanwhile, Dave Oliver of said,

“It’s a step down from the Galaxy Note 10.1, but the Galaxy Tab 2 offers some serious improvement to its predecessor as a good value Android tablet with Ice Cream Sandwich and a fine screen”.

But, the Galaxy Note run is faring somewhat better. Reviewing the Galaxy Note 10.1, Mr. Oliver was a little bit more inspired. Saying,

“The Galaxy Note 10.1 is a top-end tablet with a price to match (same as the iPad, basically). It can’t beat Apple’s sales behemoth on its screen, but in terms of versatility, with its writing interface and expandable memory, plus a good quality camera and very fast quad-core processor, it just about slots in at the top of the Android tablet tree making it a worthy challenger to iPad domination”.

 Plus a valuable contender it might look like, as the Galaxy Note seems to be the reason for that unexpected sales spike, at least some of the most of it. Still, Samsung have been putting out quality products for a very long time now and that exact trend is showing no signs of stopping, and even slowing down.

Is Samsung Taking Apple’s Marketplace Share?

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Legendary musician Ray Manzarek, passes away at 74

Ray Manzarek, the influential keyboardist well acknowledged for his handiwork with iconic Us rock band ‘The Doors’, has passed on to the great beyond aged 74.


Ray manzarek was in Rosenheim, Germany, being treated for bile duct cancer.


Manzarek’s life reads like a rock n roll fairy tale, with each of the pieces falling into position at exactly the correct time.


Manzarek had taken piano coaching ever since his childhood in Chicago, Illinois, but he also had a enthusiasm for film. It had been this eagerness that led young Manzarek to enrol in UCLA (University of California) and travel to Los Angeles in 1962.


Originally, Ray played in a group called ‘Rick & The Ravens’ together with his brothers Rick and Jim. The group was moderately successful, releasing three singles.


Whilst studying at UCLA, Ray manzarek met upcoming Doors singer/lyricist Jim Morrison and both planned to form a band jointly in 1965. He also met his future wife, Dorothy Fujikawa, at UCLA. The pair were hitched in 1967.


Ray manzarek and Jim morrison teamed up with guitarist Robby Krieger and drummer John Densmore, forming ‘The Doors’ (they procured the name from your paperback by Alduous Huxley).


Because of the lack of a bass player, the multi-talented Manzarek usually performed the bass notes on his piano.


One year after forming, The Doors released their debut record on Elektra records; it’s, naturally, a success.


The Doors went on to make several more albums, taking an iconic spot in the archives of Rock n Roll and galvanizing a generation. The group has ever since sold more than 100 million albums worldwide.


In 1971, lead singer Jim Morrison died in strange circumstances in Paris, France. The band continued for 2 further successful records and tours, before ending in ’73.


Following the band’s split, Manzarek went on to become a producer as well as a Grammy-nominated solo performer in his own right, as well as playing and recording with such high-profile Doors followers as ‘Echo & The Bunnymen’ and Iggy Pop.


In 2002, following several of sporadic reunion shows, Ray manzarek and Robby Krieger tied up with ‘The Cult’ musician Ian Astbury to form ‘The Doors of the 21st Century’. The band, though a highly successful live draw, also suffered from controversy, due to a lawsuit from ex-Doors drummer Densmore.


Additionally, Manzarek’s autobiography ‘Light My Fire’ made him a bestselling writer upon its release in 1998.


He died along with his wife Dorothy and his brothers at his bedside.


Legendary musician Ray Manzarek, passes away at 74