Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Motorola DP3400 Radio Earpiece Review

James Bond might use the earpiece we’re about to describe if he were helping a mate to guard a nightclub. We realize that it’s a bizarre situation to find yourself in, but its probably happened a couple of times in some early Ian Fleming drafts...(Editor’s Note: Wow. That’s quite a tangent. Well done).

The DP3400 earpiece looks good, works well and doesn’t cost a lot of money. You really can’t fault it on its merits.

The DP3400 earpiece features an HQ PTT earpiece that provides incredible clarity and depth of sound. Any instruction, even if a laryngitis-stricken Muttley delivers it to you from a library somewhere, will be clear, clean and crisp to the ear.

But that’s not all, not by a long shot. The transparent tube is almost invisible, designed specifically for secrecy and discretion; it even comes with an extra earbud.

It even has (and we swear we’re not making this up) a hidden micro-speaker located at the base of the centre of the PTT switch.

Amazon lists this beast at £19.99, but that strikes us a veritable bargain. This earpiece is stealthy, brilliantly designed and very high quality. It is also durable and hard wearing. Of all the devices we’ve looked at so far, the DP3400 earpiece is certainly the coolest looking. In terms of performance, it is also the best one we’ve viewed so far. 

Motorola DP3400 Earpiece
The DP3400 earpiece is compatible with LOADS of Motorola (and Motorola MOTO TRBO radios) including (but by no means limited to): DP, DGP, XPR and XiR Series. XiR-P8200, XiR-P8208, XiR-P8260, XiR-P8268, XPR6300, XPR6350, XPR6500, XPR6550, DGP-4150, DGPTM 4150+, DGPTM 6150, DGPTM 6150+, DP-3400, DP-3401, DP-3600 and DP-3601.

Overall, this is a fine device. The DP3400 is an excellent earpiece, available at a pretty competitive price, with a cool, functional design and a lot going for it. No, this isn’t the same model that the CIA use when guarding Mr. Obama, but it isn’t a hundred million miles removed, either. This earpiece will do a good job, whilst at the same time not breaking the bank.

Monday, October 28, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: “Time Travel is Possible, Says Noted Physicist”

Physics Professor Brian Cox has determined that time travel is theoretically possible and that time machines could one day be a reality.

The British professor, who is also a TV Presenter and pop musician (having some success with the Northern Irish band D:Ream in the 1990’s), used Dr. Who’s famous TARDIS as a broad example of the type of time machine that he believes to be theoretically possible as well as scientifically sound.

“Can you build a time machine?” asked Cox during his speech at the British science festival, before answering his own question with a resounding “yes”.

However, according to Cox’s research, whilst time travel to the future is theoretically possible, time travel to the past is completely impossible. In addition, the trip would only be one way; there would be no going home.

Cox isn’t the first person to make this announcement; in fact, he’s borrowing directly from Einstein’s theory of special relativity when he states that movement at speeds close to the speed of light would theoretically cause time to slow down, but only for the individual travelling at such speeds.

Says Cox, “If you go fast, your clock runs slow relative to people who are still. As you approach the speed of light, your clock runs so slow you could come back 10,000 years in the future,”

Some scientists have suggested that the use of ‘wormholes’ would be a theoretically acceptable form of time travel. In fact, wormholes are a staple of science fiction stories. A wormhole (perhaps better referred to as an Einstein-Rosen Bridge) is, effectively, a passageway, or ‘shortcut’, through spacetime. The effect of a wormhole would be the spacial equivalent of writing ‘A’ on the far end of a piece of paper and ‘B’ on the other side, then putting the two letters together and punching a hole through the paper with a pencil.

However, in his speech, professor Cox refuted the idea that such a ‘bridge’ could ever be truly stable, saying,

“In General Relativity, you can do it in principle. It’s to do with building these things called wormholes; shortcuts through space and time. But most physicists doubt it. Hawking came up with the ‘chronology protection conjecture’ – physics we don’t yet understand that means wormholes are not stable.”

On the heels of this announcement, Professor Cox, an ardent fan of Dr. Who, will be delivering a 60-minute speech about the popular TV show, which will be screened by the BBC on November 23rd. In the speech, the professor will share his thoughts on the possibility of extraterrestrial life, the potential discovery of new dimensions and, of course, time travel. 

BREAKING NEWS: “Time Travel is Possible, Says Noted Physicist”

Friday, October 18, 2013

’Earth-Like’ Asteroid Devoured by Dead Star

The Hubble Space Telescope has recorded an intriguing event some 150 light-years from Earth.

A large asteroid was pulled into the White Dwarf star (named ‘GD 61’ by astronomers) and utterly destroyed. This is not an unusual event, as even dead stars still exhibit a very high level of gravity. However, scientists are interested because the chemical signatures left in the star’s atmosphere indicate the presence of water and a rocky surface, both considered to be key building blocks for the creation of life on our planet.

Until this event was observed, water and a rocky surface had never been found together on an object outside our solar system.

The asteroid consisted of the elements magnesium, silicon, iron and oxygen, all of which are usually found in rock minerals, but scientists believe that the abundance of oxygen indicated the heavy presence of H20.

The object was at least 90KM across and as much as 26% of that is thought to have been water. Earth is considered to be just 0.02% water.

This discovery is important because it gives scientists a vindicating glimpse of how inhabitable environments may have been formed, receiving key components (such as water) from outside sources such as meteorites.

It is thought that water first arrived on our planet by similar means and that other planets in the GD 61 system would once have received water this way as well. According to BBC News, scientists consider the presence of rocky planets in the GD system to have been “very likely”.

Scientists have observed over 1,000 planets outside our solar system, but none is thought to contain water.

Closer to home, some planets and heavenly bodies are thought to contain water. Mars is considered by many to once have had liquid water, but if this is still the case, it is a greatly reduced amount.

Elsewhere, Jupiter’s moon Europa raises a tantalizing prospect that there are oceans under its icy surface. This has led to some convincing research into the possible presence of ocean currents there. However, Europa is not alone, its fellow moons Callisto and Ganymede have also been suggested as candidates for liquid water.

In addition, Rhea (moon of Saturn), Titania (moon or Uranus), Oberon (also orbiting Uranus), Triton (moon of Neptune), Pluto (dwarf planet), Eris (dwarf planet), Sedna (possible dwarf planet) and Orcus (another possible dwarf planet) are all speculated to have oceans, some of which may be in contact with the rocky core of the respective body, which would hypothetically result in a steady stream of minerals and salts into the water – an important factor in creating life.

Saturn’s moon Enceladus has geysers, which is seen as proof of the presence of water or at least water vapours. It has even been theorized by some that Neptune contains oceans of liquid diamond.

The heavy presence of water on this asteroid is a vital clue for scientists and their understanding, not only of the cosmos, but also of how our home planet came into being.



’Earth-Like’ Asteroid Devoured by Dead Star

Stallone To Play ‘Rocky’ Yet again

Rumours thrive that Sylvester Stallone will probably be playing the personality of ‘Rocky Balboa’ again, in a new film set inside the ‘Rocky’ world.

The incredibly popular character Rocky Balboa formerly appeared in the Oscar-winning 1976 movie ‘Rocky’ and has been the central hero in no less than six movies to date.

MGM films have officially offered the brand new project, at present recognized only as ‘Creed’ to director Ryan Coogler.

The proposed movie is invariably a spin-off as opposed to a straight sequel.

Michael B. Jordan, star of this year’s ‘Fruitville Station’ and also HBO television drama ‘The Wire’, will play the grandson of habitual series character Apollo Creed. The planned plot would call for young Creed to enter the world of boxing, with Stallone’s Balboa playing the role of his counselor.

Director Ryan Coogler, who worked with Jordan on the aforementioned ‘Fruitville Station’ film, is said to be enthusiastic about the idea and is eager to co-write the screenplay.

Apollo Creed, as portrayed by Carl Weathers, was originally presented as Rocky’s antagonist. In his initial position, Creed (who was apparently similar to a combination of Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard and Joe Louis) was the World Heavyweight Boxing Champ as well as a confidence entrepreneur. When challenged with the lack of appropriate opponents, Creed decided to put his title on the line against a local, unknown fighter.

The first film largely centred round the elected fighter Rocky Balboa as he trained for the biggest fight of his life. In the later movies, Apollo Creed grew to becomte a mentor plus a close friend to Rocky.

Weathers played Creed in every ‘Rocky’ film until ‘Rocky IV’, where the character was killed in a fight with Russian boxer Ivan Drago (portrayed by Dolph Lundgren).

Despite the character’s downfall, he’s significantly mentioned in both follow-up films and remains popular with fans of the series.

The final film within the original Rocky series, ‘Rocky Balboa’ was released in 2006 to strong critical and commercial reception. In 2010, Sylvester Stallone was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame and Museum for his formation and depiction of Rocky, as well like the many tributes he has paid to boxers and the sport of boxing in his profession.


Stallone To Play ‘Rocky’ Yet again

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Microsoft returns to CES Las Vegas tech show

Latest News - With Steve Ballmer leaving microsoft as chief executive, we are starting to see signs that microsoft is aligning itself with google and apple. After pulling out of the 2012 CES show they have announced that they will return in 2013, obvioulsy with the Xbox one and windows 8 improvements, along with several windows 8 tablets, they will use this exposure to showcase a new look microsoft.


The organiser of the US’s biggest tech show has revealed to the BBC that Microsoft is returning to the event.

Microsoft announced it was pulling out of CES in 2012, saying that its “product news milestones” did not align with the January tradeshow.

Although it is not scheduled to host a keynote speech at 2014′s event, the firm has booked meeting rooms again.

One analyst said the news reinforced the Las Vegas show’s claim to be the year’s most important tech event.

Others had previously suggested Microsoft’s departure might mark “the beginning of the end” of the show.

A spokesman for Microsoft said he was unable to comment.

‘Tactical blunder’

Gary Shapiro, president of the Consumer Electronics Association – the lobby group which hosts CES, disclosed the news during a visit to London.

“Microsoft is officially back in the International CES,” he told the BBC.

“They are taking out significant space in meeting rooms – it’s actually a larger presence than I believe they have ever had.

“Microsoft will have to make the decision who the rooms are open to or not, but I imagine they’re very open to the press.

Steve Ballmer at CESSteve Ballmer made a guest appearance during another firm’s press conference in 2013

“We have had a tremendous partnership [with Microsoft] going back to the very beginning. You know, we had one little blip this year… but now we’re happy to have them back with a physical presence.”

The company was not totally absent at 2013′s event. Chief executive Steve Ballmer made a brief surprise appearance during chipmaker Qualcomm’s keynote event, and Microsoft’s chief technology strategy officer spent a few minutes on stage at a Samsung press conference.

But one tech consultant who regularly attends the show said the US company had made a “tactical blunder” by not hosting its own event or having space to show off its wares.

“There was an opportunity to really assert the Windows 8 story and they completely missed it,” said Ben Wood, from CCS Insight.

“So, you had a show floor full of convertibles, tablets and all-in-one Windows 8 PCs but no narrative to go with them. You can align that to the fact that Google’s Android was omnipresent and Windows Phone didn’t really get a look-in at all.

“If you look at the assets that Microsoft has now, I’d argue that it’s virtually essential that it steps up its efforts at not just CES but also other shows like Barcelona’s Mobile Wold Congress where its absence has been noted.”

Microsoft is in the process of taking over Nokia’s handset unit; recently launched the second generation of its Surface tablet, despite missing sales targets with the first one; and is about to put its Xbox One games console on sale.

Tech titans

More than 152,000 people attended 2013′s CES, according to an independent audit, with 3,282 exhibitors taking part across a range of venues totalling 1.92 million sq ft (178,370 sq m).

Bill Gates and Slash at CESBill Gates appeared alongside musician Slash at Microsoft’s 2008 CES keynote event

The event is not open to the public, but presents an opportunity for firms to host public and private meetings with the media, analysts, retail chains and other industry professionals.

Although there has been a trend in recent years for tech-makers to hold special events to launch products, rather than competing for attention at a tradeshow, many of the industry’s biggest names continue to hold gadgets and other announcements back for CES.

Intel and Audi are both holding what is termed “tech titans keynote” events at the forthcoming show, which runs from 7 to 10 January.

Sony, Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Huawei and Toyota are among others hosting both press conferences and stands. Google, Yahoo and Dropbox prefer to just book private meeting rooms. Apple does not attend in any formal capacity.

‘Set the agenda’

Microsoft is currently going through a period of upheaval. Last week Mr Ballmer gave a tearful farewell to staff having previously announced his resignation.

Gary Shapiro had previously described Microsoft’s pull-out as a “pause” rather than a permanent departure

Reuters is now reporting that some of the firm’s biggest investors are pressing for Bill Gates, its chairman and co-founder, to also step down.

Gary Shapiro and Steve BallmerMr Shapiro did not speculate whether changes in management might see Microsoft further bolster its presence in later years. However, Mr Wood had little doubt this would happen.

“I can see a renaissance, particularly given Microsoft’s move into hardware,” he said.

“It’s going to be in the heartland of consumer electronics – you’re looking at tablets, Xbox and mobile phones all working together for not just a mobile story but a connected homes story, and that’s the epicentre of CES.

“It’s all about how these different bits of gadgetry hang together, and CES helps set the agenda.”


Source -

Microsoft returns to CES Las Vegas tech show

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Other ways to power your mobile, Pee as you go

Scientists functioning at the University West of England (UWE) in Bristol, United kingdom, have discovered a way to power a cell phone with Human pee.

The team have been in a position to recharge a Samsung mobile by putting the liquid through a cascade of microbial fuel cells. Using this process, enough power is produced to send text messages, browse the Net and also make a quick phone call.

Based on the scientists responsible, the next stage is to fully recharge the phone with urine…Seemingly cleaning their hands immediately afterwards.

Dr. Ioannis Ieropoulos has worked for ages with microbial energy cells; he’s considered a specialist in harnessing power from strange options. The possibe applications of his work are very interesting from an environmental viewpoint.

Dr. Ieropoulos said, “We’re very excited as this is a world first, no-one has harnessed energy from pee to do this so it’s an interesting finding. Using the ultimate waste product as a supply of energy to provide electrical power is about as eco as it gets.” Eco-friendly tech is, obviously, the great doctor’s main area of curiosity.

The microbial cells work as a energy converter, they take the natural substance straight into electrical energy, via the metabolism of live microbes. The electrical power is a by-product of a microorganism’s natural life phase, meaning that as they ‘eat’ the pee, they generate energy the energy that powers the mobile. Now that is what we call ‘pee as you go’.

Bathroom humour aside, the team have engineered a world first, as nothing as large as a mobile battery has ever been charged using this method before.

There is, nowadays, no plans to promote this tech on a large scale, but perhaps someday we could be signing a ‘P’ mobile agreement, the trick, as they are saying, might be pissistance.

PS – I’m sorry about this one. The task and its implications are instead astounding. All credit to the UWE team. However, I continuously needed to do one of those ‘And Finally’ type stories and now I finally get to. Please forgive me, one and all.


Other ways to power your mobile, Pee as you go

Saturday, October 5, 2013

What are the very best ways to improve your hearing

Recently, when I was at my younger brother’s birthday celebration, my Dad made a reference to having tinnitus (fundamentally an occasional-level ringing within the ears) and I told him that I had made a gag about tinnitus in a recent post (for those concerned, the funny story was that it made things sound ‘a bit tinny’ – Not one of my better japes, I acknowledge, but whatever…). He looked at me like I had just farted in church while I rapidly changed the topic.

So, if you’re suffering from hearing loss or tinnitus, what is it possible to do about it?

The truth is that hearing troubles are mostly attributable to damage to the inner ear. A method this will happen is due to constant bombardment of noises over 110 decibels. According to new information, the noise wears away the myelin sheath, which is a outside layer that protects the nerve cells of the inner ear.

The good news is, yet, the myelin sheath will, in most cases, repair itself, so all you have to do is TURN THE VOLUME DOWN or simply leave your iPod in the home for a number of days and you must start seeing improvements.

Now and then, however, damage to the inner ear is so great that the body basically will not manage to fix itself. In this instance, you will need to coach yourself to deal with your newfound disability. It’s a process that can produce serious depression and nervousness if not adequately confronted and dealt with.

The Beaumont Health System gives some useful tips for dealing with hearing loss on their internet site. As outlined by them, hearing loss can be combated if you follow these 3 steps:

1. Be an advocate for yourself. Others cannot guess what you need. By hiding a hearing loss you will miss conversation and may respond inappropriately and cause further miscommunication. Tell others if you are having difficulty understanding. If you don’t understand what someone has said ask him or her to rephrase the message, not just repeat it.  Often this will help improve your understanding.

2. Educate others regarding hearing loss. Many do not understand why you can hear that they are talking but cannot understand what you are saying. They also don’t know what they can do to help.  Ask others to talk more slowly and clearly and not to obstruct their mouths.

3. Manipulate your environment to your advantage.  Hearing clearly when there is background noise is probably the biggest challenge for people with hearing loss. When you can, choose quiet listening environments. In a restaurant, request to be seated in a quiet area away from the door and the kitchen. Partitions and low ceilings may be helpful to reduce noise. Also carpet and upholstery may help to reduce echo, which may help you to understand speech more clearly. Good lighting may also be helpful so that you can see the speaker’s face and gestures.

Another ordinary (and fixable) problem is a build up of earwax. Which is straightforward enough to solve via regular use of the cotton bud. If that does not work, it’s consistantly doable to have your ears syringed, which is really a totally disgusting (but genuinely effective) method for clearing out one’s lugholes. 

Your hearing will degrade as you age (like most things you hold dear I am afraid, up to and including: your metabolism, sexual potency, muscle tone, skin, charisma and hair colour). Yup. Sucks getting old.

In conclusion, if you are facing serious hearing troubles, try to minimize any upcoming harm. As it says on WikiHow:

“Although you can’t reverse the hearing loss you’ve already suffered, you can take steps to keep it from getting worse. Reduce your exposure to loud, sustained noises[. If noisiness like this is part of your job (say you’re a construction worker or employed at a concert venue), consider wearing specialty ear plugs or changing jobs. If you wear earbuds or headphones to listen to music, keep the volume low or moderate. Try to reduce your exposure to high volumes overall, and you’ll reduce future hearing loss”.

It is also recommended to see a doctor. I am not a doctor. I’m a contract writer with access to Google. If you suspect that everything mentioned in the above piece is affecting you, then please make an appointment with your local Doctor.  

What are the very best ways to improve your hearing

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Scientists Settle on Size of Largest Ever Sea animal

A joint Scottish-Canadian group has verified the primitive sea animal leedsichthys problematicus is the biggest boned fish ever to roam the seas of our earth.

Growing to lengths of 16.5 metres over a projected growth period of forty years, the Jurassic-era sea animal would have outgrown even today’s massive whale sharks. Although its grand dimension, yet, leedsichthys is believed to have been a filter feeder, akin to baleen whales, basking sharks and whale sharks are now.

Found from the late 19th century and formally named (after English farmer and fossil collector Alfred Leeds) in 1889, relics of leedsichthys have been unearthed throughout Europe, and also in South America.

The ‘problematicus’ portion of its scientific name stems from the proven fact that leedsichthys fossils are disreputably tricky to recognize. This is due to a indisputable fact that leedsichthys’ skeleton #was not# made entirely of bone. Large portions #of the# animal’s internal structure were actually #made from# cartilage, just #as a# shark’s bone structure is. Cartilage #does not# mineralize as eagerly as bone and, as the result, fossil cartilage is somewhat uncommon.

Out of context, the fossilized bones can represent a problem to palaeontologists. Over the years, remains of leedsichthys have even been posited as belonging to bone-plated dinosaur stegosaurus!

Because leedsichthys vertebrae was cartilaginous, it has been very difficult to see how long the fish may have been, with some unconfirmed estimates signifying that it was as long as 30 m.

Nonetheless, each time a new, more complete, fossil was found near Peterborough, UK, scientists were at last in a position to take an accurate measurement. Professor Jeff Liston, of our National Museum of Scotland, said, “We sat down and checked out a large series of specimens, not only at the bones, but their inner development set ups as well – much like the expansion rings in trees – to find some ideas about the ages of these animals, along with their estimated measurements,”

The team finally determined that a small adult leedsichthys would grow to eight or 9 metres after some 20 years and, in another 20 years; it could reach about 16.5 m in length. This is greater than the whale shark, the biggest bony fish existing now, despite persistent and credible reports of whale sharks growing as long as 14 metres in length.

This information is exciting to scientists and natural history fanatics because it guarantees a functional insight into the alterations in ocean life that occurred around and through the Jurassic period.

Scientists now accept as true that filter-feeding sea animals started out as quite small animals, before growing to huge sizes we know today. The outstanding mass of leedishthys problematicus thus implies that there was an enormous surge in the plankton populace of the Mesozoic seas.

The invention also involves a major change to the records.



Scientists Settle on Size of Largest Ever Sea animal

Thursday, September 19, 2013

How to keep highway maintenance employees secure, utilizing the 2 way radio

With millions of pounds committed to highway upkeep in the UK yearly, contractors require quick, dependable comms. 2 way radios offer everything they need. In spades.

Our motorways are, in many ways, the backbone of Britain. Without our highways in superb state, it is not an exaggeration to understand the country may come to a whole and unmitigated standstill. Lorries making deliveries, cargo brought in from oversees, travellers going to and from tourist sites, people going to work, the list is almost endless. So what part do two-way radios play with this ongoing drama of our highways?

Well, accept it or not, contractors frequently work around the clock to be able to lessen interruption and make sure that our highways are as secure and efficient as Humanly possible. These contractors are directed from control centres that utilize various mobile teams: departments of specialist professionals who are mobilized and co-ordinated almost entirely by 2 way radio. Contact with the control centre demands a high quality two way radio, but so does communication with a fellow professional who may be further away than a reasonable walking distance. When time is of the essence, nothing beats instant comms.

2 way radios used for freeway maintenance need to be solid, durable and top performance. Sound needs to come through clearly despite probably bad weather and traffic noise. Furthermore, the device must be as rugged, determined and expert as a contractor who wields it.

For a variety of reasons, these lines need to be safe, so the walkie talkie set-up employed by contractors is extremely fortified. These two way radios need a sizable signal coverage area also, as the contractors never identify where they will be working from one day to the next.

Then, obviously, there is health and safety to consider, especially during days where visibility is bad and there is a high amount of traffic. If an disaster of any kind occurs, rapid, reliable communication can, quite literally, save lives. 2 way radios that are utilised in highway maintenance are usually equipped with ‘emergency modes’ and ‘lone worker’ modes (where the walkie talkie, if it hasn’t been used within a set period will automatically issue an alarm) as well as other safety features.

Fundamentally, highway maintenance can be virtually impossible without the utilization of two-way radios. Its not only in the UK, either, most countries that use a significant network of roads also use walkie talkies so as to better communicate with associated workers. Quite how the Romans managed without them is probably a fantastic mystery to the modern highway contractor!

How to keep highway maintenance employees secure, utilizing the 2 way radio

Monday, September 16, 2013

Musical Independence With Thomson Wireless Headphones

The Internet has truly changed our lifestyles. Actually, it is now easier than ever before to communicate with the rest of the world. Yet, this new interconnectivity has come at rather a steep price. So that you can possess the world at our fingertips, we tend to want to spend long hrs perched in front of a laptop.

Some days, this appears like a fair trade-off and some days it doesn’t. On the other hand, whether you’re catching up on the latest streamed concert from the favourite group, or hosting a meeting call to America, or attending a Webinar, you no longer need to spend several hours sat on that bum and gazing thoughtfully out of the window.

By ordering a pair of Thomson Wireless Earphones, you’re not only buying a top-of-the-line set of individual speaker equipment that will perform extremely well and last you a good long time, you are also making a down repayment on your personal freedom.

How? Well, let’s say you need to view live streamed content from a different land or time zone to yourself. Now, you don’t need to wake anybody up, but you also really need a sandwich. Decisions, decisions…You can’t simply turn up the volume for your trip to that kitchen if you’re at an key bit, (assuming you don’t have a tablet or portable computer) – you’re basically stuffed.

Well, any time you’d taken my advice and purchased a set of Thomson Wireless Headphones, you may simply waltz into the kitchen at your individual pace and make any type of sandwich you like, all without missing a particular word of the webinar or note of the concert. Thomson Wireless Earphones use a decent range that allows you a greater freedom of movement when sat (useful for games), as well as the choice to stand up and walk round the room at your leisure (ideal for conference calls). 

In addition of that, these headphones work wonderful when attached to the own portable media systems, like pc tablets, smart phones and MP3 players. There is no more getting tangled up in the cables or by accident catching the chord on the Hoover after which painfully ripping earbuds from the head (I have heard that can be unpleasant, but won’t ever, ever admit that it happens to me consistently). There’s no more pulling the cable out of that MP3 player as you reach right down to answer your phone (again, I am admitting nothing) and there’s no more worrying about making sure your earphone cable is straight and protected, before you leave the house.

All in all, a pair of Thomson Wireless Headphones can add to your freedom, whilst at the same time making your life easier.

Musical Independence With Thomson Wireless Headphones

Friday, September 13, 2013

Can you play games on a smart Television

Ongoing its rule of integrating basically the whole thing into itself, the Smart TV has a restricted number of games, available as downloadable apps, for the playing delight.

Now, the times of downloading ‘Tekken Vs. Street Fighter’ or the latest ‘Resident Evil’ directly to your Smart tv are a long way away indeed, which means you’ll still need your PS3, Xbox 360 or Wii for the time being. In addition, none of the games available (with the possible exemption of the massively addictive ‘Angry Birds’) will match the gaming skill already available in your consoles, but that does not signify that the selection of games available on your TV are in any way limited. You can find sim games, puzzle games, card games and lots more besides. Once again, Smart TV is making immense improvements to a versed area of TV (as anyone who ever enjoyed the old ‘Teletext’ games will attest).

An additional much-maligned form of entertainment frequently patrolled by the ‘fun police’ is video games (see our first post for details). Which began using a simple mistake, one stating that video games were exclusively for kids.

Now, this wasn’t firstly accurate but it is not true today, but there is an era where consoles and peripherals were principally aimed at children and young teenagers. Then obviously, the cultural watchdogs backlashed against games in much a similar way they did against movies in the 70’s, music by the 60’s and comic books in the 50’s.

For that General gamer knows implicitly that some games are created with adults in mind (these are usually the ones that possess the title spelt out in blood, or the choices to gut hookers for additional points) whilst some are made for children (it has a hint if nobody actually tries to kill you over the course of the game and you may finish it in a matter of hours) just like movies, books and everything else it is possible to imagine, most are catered for. The games you will find on your Smart TV are typically pretty innocent plus the wonderful thing about downloadable apps is, if you’ve any problem at all with lurid game content available, then basically do not download it.

Right next, let us have a look at some of those games you are able to download on your Smart TV (NOTE: Please do be aware that not all games are compatible with all models, so the games discussed below are just a selection that I find fascinating. If you’re after a particular game for your Smart TV, ensure you purchase a TV that can actually play it).

‘Texas Holdem’ is a poker sim that permits you to play games of virtual poker, either alongside the computer or your friends. So far as I know, no real money changes hands in TH, but it’s advisable to double ensure before you bet your mortgage (even if you have a straight flush). One more game that is great fun to experience with mates is ‘Dynamic Bowling’. DB is another simulation that allows you to, yep, you guessed it, go bowling. This game can be played alone or with friends. My advice would be to practice at home after which dazzle your mates by bowling a perfect game. ‘Bejewelled 2’ is a sequel to that admired ‘Bejewelled’ a game title that has enthralled and addicted my very own father for about 3 years now. Bejewelled (which I won’t break right down to initials for clear reasons!) is addictive, stimulating, challenging and, particularly, enjoyable.

So there you go. I’m sure that, when the months and years go on, an excellent many other gaming apps will be added to Smart TV’s choices. Watch this space!

Can you play games on a smart Television

You have Them While You are at the Golf Club Communications on the Green

Golf clubs (by which we mean the locations, not the kit) are vast expanses of property. They traverse great areas, employ sizeable numbers of people and are reasonably complex environments to manage.

In addition to the requirement of expedient comms between various layers of management, general health and safety concerns and the devotion required to maintain an excellent course looking pristine, 2 way radios are very important to golf clubs for keeping personnel connected with each other. In addition they help to offer security over large spaces and a lot more besides. Let’s go into all this in a tad more detail, shall we?

Two way radios are easy to utilize, cost effective and enormously dependable. A cell phone (or similar device) simply wouldn’t be anywhere near as trustworthy inside the same conditions, specially when one considers that the majority of a golf course is outside and therefore subject to climate, atmospheric conditions and other intangibles.

2 way radios are strong gadgets, made for use on all kinds of environments. If the tasks required are mainly outdoors, it makes sense to employ similar tech that soldiers use within the desert or the police use in the capital, doesn’t it?

2 way radios provide a rapid and effectual answer to emergencies of any kind. Instantaneous communication is a essential tool when it relates to reporting on the mishap and making sure that help arrives A.S.A.P. Radios also let staff to report on the state of that green, relaying participant feedback on to management, ensuring a quick and professional response to any concerns. This, consequently, can assist to develop player loyalty, providing a great club with legions of devoted people who will attract other customers and thus give the club with steady trade.

But that isn’t all a walkie-talkie is good for on the golf course. Usually, golf clubs need a high degree of management ability and also the key to good management is good communication. Two way radios help to make sure that the on-course staff are prepared for the player’s individual needs. Radios help the other amenities of the club (stores, restaurants, toilets etc) to run smoothly and still offer high values and excellence service.

Without two way radios, a golf course would need a number of levels of management, if only to handle all the travel between spaces. The administration of a good course can represent a logistical nightmare. A long, gentle round of golf (enjoyed by everyone from Larry David to Alice Cooper) could alternatively stand for a stress-packed, obstruction-riddled game that many would surrender on before they ever even teed off.

You have Them While You are at the Golf Club Communications on the Green

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Grand theft auto 5 coming very soon, the largest game to date

That is right people, folkettes and folking mother folkers, ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ is coming soon!


Made to be Rockstar’s largest ‘open world’ title thus far, we can require this naughty misadventure to be HUGE. If you got the expansive simulated worlds of GTA IV, Grand theft auto: San Andreas and Red Dead Redemption and slapped them all together, end to end, you would fit them all inside the boundaries of GTA V’s methodically constructed virtual stage and also you’d very much have room to spare. That’s not just us talking either, that is an official statement. Get this, even the ocean floor can be entirely mapped and explored.


There are 3 protagonists and you’ll manage to swap between them without restraint in order to discover different aspects in the story from changeable angles. When you decide which player to ‘be’ next, the camera zooms out, (Google Earth style) and deposits you in the present location of that selected avatar. Surprising.


Don’t worry however, there’s a lot more than pretty, destroyable surroundings and multiple narratives to maintain the harder murderous characters at bay. The world of GTA V is chock full of vehicles, weapons and opportunities to inflict misery upon unsuspecting civilians, if that occurs to be your bag, anyway. If you aren’t #in the# mood for chainsawing innocent citizens to death (and if not, why don’t you?) you are able to basically ‘flip them off’ and check out a number of various pre-programmed responses that are gamer (and area) dependent.


Apart from that, the gameplay system has had a complete refit and Grand theft auto V “evolves virtually all mechanic” reported by ‘Game Informer’s Matt Bertz. The combat system has been re-jigged and the aiming and shooting controls have been totally re-designed.


In general though, the general feel and also the tone of the game will not be experiencing any important changes. You will not be driving about delivering flowers or going to church on Sunday. You’ll be stealing autos and murdering citizens.

Lots of people. Probably in a very number of cruel ways.


In the event you followed the series thus far, then trust us, you’ll want to be here for the next chapter.


In this respect, GTA V is about what Grand theft auto has forever been about, complete and utter carnage. It’s a gangster film that stars you; addictive, stunning and more superior than ever before…


Get Grand theft auto V around the 19th of september now

Grand theft auto 5 coming very soon, the largest game to date

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Promoting Wellbeing and Exercise, World"s strongest man provides a helping hand

At the end of the other week, hundreds of schoolchildren from Round Rock, Texas came face to face with the World’s Strongest Guy.

Texas native Mark Henry, a previous Olympic weightlifter, record-breaking powerlifter and Proficient Wrestling World Champion, was joined by a bunch of ex-NFL stars as well as his WWE best friend, Mark Callaway, AKA The Undertaker.

The event was created to advertise the importance of schooling, health and exercise in time for that new school term. Henry flew in from New York so as to visit the children and inspire them to better things for the coming school months. As part of the day’s celebrations, Henry pulled a Semi Truck for a considerable distance before a group of amazed kids, event organizers and parents.

Mark Henry’s inventory of athletic actions is extraordinary. He competed in both the 1992 and 1996 Olympic games as a weightlifter; Henry was also a Gold Medal winner during the 1995 Pan American Games and was named Drug-Free World Champion Powerlifter in 1995. He was named U.S powerlifting champion two times. He is a reigning world record holder in quite a few areas and is credited with the biggest raw squat and raw powerlifting total ever performed by a drug-tested athlete.

Henry is also a three-time U.S National Weightlifting Champion, an American Open winner, Two-Time U.S Olympic Event Champion and NACAC Champion. In 2002, he won the first annual Arnold Strongman Classic Competition and has openly completed numerous feats of strength, including pushing a tank.

Mark Henry’s claim to being the ‘World’s Strongest Man’ is fairly dubious and not considered official by most organizations, but having set lifting records right through his life and winning at least one strongman contest, his claim is respected by most (and also the visual evidence is hard to deny).

Henry has also had a 17-year career in Professional Wrestling, competing within the WWE (formerly WWF) ever since company owner Vince McMahon learned that Henry was a wrestling enthusiast. His ensuing career has seen him win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship twice, as well as a ECW Championship and the WWE European Championship.

In spite of his no-nonsense on-screen persona (a personality who frequently welcomes his enemies to that ‘Hall of Pain’) Henry is incredibly active with the ‘Make a Wish’ Foundation, (a charity group that grants wishes to children with life-threatening or terminal ailments) also as frequent anti-drug and anti-bullying campaigns.

When interviewed on the day, Henry said: “I want the kids to see what I didn’t have. I didn’t have a great deal growing up. I hope more people did it for me, so I try and do it in kind.”




Promoting Wellbeing and Exercise, World"s strongest man provides a helping hand

Monday, September 2, 2013

Using your Smart Tv for net Shopping

Today, as in the very moment you read this, I am sure that someone, somewhere out there across the greater landscapes that make up planet Earth, has a conversation about what they like better: TV on the web.

It is an interesting query, in fact. The principle disparity between the 2 (as both are mainly sedentary, involving gazing at a display for an extended time frame) is that web browsing is an energetic (or preferably, interactive) activity, whereas TV is a passive one.

In the 90′s, a bunch of self-appointed cultural watchdogs took it upon itself to construct various pseudoscientific motives that Television, a passive, largely entertaining activity enjoyed by billions round the globe, was a completely bad and damaging thing. The only ‘evidence’ even slightly persuasive they could provide you with was that repetitive exposure to explicit sex and violence at a young age can warp a child’s conception of our earth (like we couldn’t have figured that out for ourselves) and that sitting too close to a screen knackers your eyes.

Of course, if a parent lets TV bring up their child, the child will grow up becoming a moron, but if the parent has made this choice of their own preference; it stands to reason that the child was genetically predisposed to moronism in the 1st place.

In the mid 2000s, the very same group of watchdogs took it upon themselves to divulge just the level of harmful stuff there’s on the World wide web. Like we didn’t previously know. Even going as far as to say that children’s active participation in online gaming could warp a kid’s (already fragile from too much Television, you realize) perception of the world. Now, while a few of us set free an frustrated cry of ‘What exactly can people do that’s both healthy and not tedious enough to kill you immediately!’ whilst questioning at what point parental responsibility would become an element in this oh-so boring ‘debate’, the TV and PC manufacturers did something extraordinary: they developed a TV that allow you to browse the Internet.

Somewhere in the final decade roughly, the simple family telly became re-fashioned as the ‘entertainment centre’ that’s a section of your living room devoted to leisure, where really the only chance of hassle is unintentionally channel surfing over to the News bulletin on the advertisements of Star Trek or finally receiving the bill for the blasted thing.

The Smart Television in fact permits you to visit cyberspace, in real time, like you’d do on your PC. You can download apps, social network (that is a complicated way of saying ‘check your Facebook’), watch you tube your friends have uploaded and catch the exclusive web-only programmes which are putting Television writing, acting and directing in the reach of the common chap. Yes, your TV has become both active and passive. The selection is yours. That is the thing about Television, and maybe the point that our ethical guardians find so despicable, Television always gives you a choice, even when that choice to switch it off and go for a stroll every once in a while.

So, to return to our original scene, our one who can’t decide between the 2, now doesn’t need to, as he or she can do both, from the same place. Smart TV has advanced the tv into a strong, all encircling multimedia tool and, for the next five articles within ths series; I’ll be providing you with information about the practical applications and far-reaching usefulness of this newest home entertainment innovation. Stay tuned.


Using your Smart Tv for net Shopping

Friday, August 23, 2013

How is that iPad Mini for watching films?

In general, the iPad Mini is fine for viewing films (as well as doing basically anything else). The processing force is nearly the same as the iPad 4, so there is no genuine difficulty there and the playback is mostly as easy as an android’s bottom (Star Trek gag).

The only real issue with the iPad Mini could be the lack of a ‘Retina Display’, the beautiful display technology featured on iPad 3 – 4, iPod Touch (4th – 5th Gen) and iPhone 4 – 5 (among others). The apple ipad Mini does suffer a little from the lack of a Retina Display, but it’s probably not a problem.

There’s, naturally, the matter of that 16GB apple ipad Mini struggling to store data, however, but that is mostly common sense

Gareth Beavis, in the official ‘’ review of the Mini, said:

“The iPad mini suffers from the same thing that all the other iPads do: namely that the 16GB version, which is the poster child of the new cut-size range, is too small to really pack with the movies and apps that you want”.

 He then went on to discuss about the iPad Mini’s scarcity of file compatibility. That is, as far as I am concerned, the Ipad mini’s main disadvantage as a media player.

“There’s the other issue here: the lack of file compatibility. The iPad mini will play .mp4 files fairly easily, but if you fancy chucking on a DivX or AVI option then that’s out of the question. There are third party applications you can use, but these can be extremely buggy and cost extra to put on your tablet…But that’s the griping out of the way – as a video player, the iPad mini is excellent. It’s just the right size and weight to hold two-handed in landscape mode, and if you’re OK with it not feeling as secure in one hand, a decent heft to hold with a single set of digits”.

 I believe that Beavis provides a reasonably good list of the positives and negatives.

Elsewhere, the Head of Technology on the Daily Telegraph, Shane Richmond, addressed the smaller screen size in his review, when he wrote,

“In practice the smaller screen size is not much of a problem and it is because of that 0.9-inches, which gives 35 per cent more screen area than the Nexus 7 or Kindle Fire HD”.

In addition, the 7″ size actually makes the apple ipad Mini more comfortable to hold when watching a movie; the tablet really uses its petite stature for a bonus. Moreover, the display continues to be above sufficient. Devindra Hardawar, of ‘Venture’, wrote,

“Movies and games don’t look as sharp as they do on Retina Display-equipped iPads, but it’s a more than worthy tradeoff. It takes a discerning eye to notice the benefits of Apple’s Retina Display, but anyone can immediately recognize how much more convenient the iPad mini is. (And naturally, that’s a problem that will be fixed in future models when Apple brings Retina Display quality to the iPad Mini.)”

All stuff measured, the iPad Mini is okay for watching films, but I personally advise you opt for a model with extra space for storing (and also that you keep in mind the file type limitations of that apple ipad Mini).

How is that iPad Mini for watching films?

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Catchup on your most recent shows with catchup services on your smart Television

I am sure the more youthful readers perusing this article will not think this at all, but there was a time, not too far in the past, where the only content you might watch on TV was anything happened to be on at the time. It is a time before the VCR, before DVD, before iPlayer…A veritable land before time.

Instead of today’s reference rag, bought more out of habit than required and then callously lined under the coffee table, the TV Guide was one time a holy document, a scripture to be savoured and pondered upon for a complete week, ahead of little sections and images were cropped, with fantastic care and attention, and pasted into scrapbooks so that whole family could re-live their favourite series of ‘The Avengers’ that may not again be transmit for decades.

When VHS came down, viewers finally had the option to regulate their own content. In fact, this Promethean innovation permitted us to record Television shows, just in case we had to go out. We could even buy our favorite shows and replay them to our heart’s content, though you’re limited to how many series you could buy, because the darned things were big enough to develop an annex from, and still have enough for a patio and a loft extension (which is just what we did down my road – It boosted the home value in the region for a good 6 months before anyone noticed the new master bedroom was made out of old copies of ‘Under Siege’).

When DVD arrived, followed by downloadable content, it saved space and it made the guy inside the commercials go “whoa!” like Keanu Reeves receiving an Eskimo roll right up the you-know-what. The challenge was that TV still catered solely to its own timetable, as opposed to yours.

The BBC iPlayer and its ilk changed even that. Does watching ‘Mock The Week’ conflict with your sophisticated catering class? Well, now you can watch it on whatever night of the week you prefer, which is lovely because, in the case of the particular show, watching older DVDs can make you flinch at once hilarious Jade Goody or Amy Winehouse jokes which are now…not so fresh.

On-Demand content also includes content streamed over the Internet, something your Smart TV will now pick up a whole lot better than your PC will. This consists of Net-only TV shows along with Independent, user-created content just like you can find on Youtube, Dailymotion or Vimeo (all of which have downloadable Smart TV applications). Using applications offered by companies like Amazon or Netflix, that were primarily developed specifically for the World wide web, you’ll be able to even rent modern movies directly to your Television watching them anytime you prefer and in no way having to worry about getting up early to deliver the box back to Blockbusters on your route to work.

On Demand content basically implies that if it’s on the market, the chances are it is possible to look at it. Smart TV means that you can watch what you wish; however you want, whenever you want. That’s right, you call the shots. Now, whenever you ask out the girl in the chippie and she says “I can’t that night cos Emmerdale’s on” you will not need to slink home disappointed. Instead, you will simply suggest she catches up with it at another occasion.

Smart TV basically remakes you, the viewer, into the master of your own entertainment destiny. You can choose from exactly anything one can imagine and watch it anytime you like. You could even watch your Uncle Gordon’s holiday videos…But the wonder is that it is not the one thing that’s on. Personally, I would sooner track down and re-watch ‘Demolition Man’. 

Catchup on your most recent shows with catchup services on your smart Television

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Duchess of Cambridge Gives Birth To Prince

At 4.24 PM this week, Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton gave birth to a baby son weighing 8lbs 6oz. The birth was formally announced to the public at 8.30PM.

The Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, was present at the birth, which doctor’s described as “textbook”.

Record crowds gathered outside Buckingham Palace all day in anticipation of the excellent news. When the notice ultimately came that the baby had been safely delivered, the people cheered in approval.

There has also been a continuous press attendance outside the palace and the hospital all day, reporting the proceedings to the rest of the world.

Queen Elizabeth II and her Husband Prince Phillip are believed to be “delighted by the news” while Prince Charles has made a brief statement that he was “enormously proud and content to be a grandfather for the first time” he furthermore said that he was looking onward to seeing the baby soon.

The Duchess will stay in hospital overnight, but is said to be doing fine.

The new baby boy is the 3rd in line for the throne, following his grandfather Prince Charles and his father Prince William. Should the line of succession go on as expected, the boy will turn out to be the forty third sovereign since William The Conqueror.

The pair have not yet announced a name for their new arrival. Yet, in accordance with tradition, they 1st will present a list of selected names to The Queen before officially announcing their option. Historically, this would let the reigning monarch to endorse or reject of the chosen name.

Censure has occurred occasionally throughout the past, notably with the birth of Princess Margaret (who was initially to be named ‘Ann’) in 1930.

Though, Royal experts say that Queen Elizabeth is more “down to earth” than a number of of her predecessors have been and that she is not possible to interfere in the christening process. The protocol is being overseen mostly as a procedure and gesture of respect on the part of the Royal couple.

There has been a lot of speculation as to what the child’s name will be, but William and Kate are expected to make a official statement soon.


Duchess of Cambridge Gives Birth To Prince

Possible Treatment for PKD

What it is:

PKD stands for Polycystic Kidney Disease, it’s a condition which effects around 12.5 million people worldwide. PKD is among the commonest life-threatening genetic illnesses on the planet. Somebody who has PKD will spread kidney cysts little by little throughout their life, affected organs can, after 40-50 years, reach the size of footballs. It goes without saying that they can become a source of acute ache and, sooner or later, affected kidneys will surrender to renal failure, no matter what. Eventually, a kidney transplant may be the only way to save the patient.

For many years, patients with PKD went undiagnosed and so the disease claimed a great many lives without ever being properly recognized. Now, however, it is an globally documented ailment and sufferers are closely monitored from an young age.

In November of ’12, doctors in the KU kidney institute in Kansas, USA, developed a drug called tolvaptan. The drug was discovered to slow the growth of cysts and also easing the damaged kidney use, this was a much-needed step by the right direction, but it is not a treatment.

This year, things have been looking up even further. Scientists functioning at Massachusetts For the General Hospital were actually able to grow a viable rat kidney and transplant it into a living animal. Moreover to that, Dr. Xiaogang Li of the KU Kidney institute lately discovered that vitamin B3 can slow the expansion of cysts; in reality, his team was able to entirely restore kidney use in test mice with PKD. Now that is progress.

Why we would like it:

Because 12.5 million citizens around the planet are suffering with a hereditary, life threatening illness, also, babies with PKD are being born every single day. A cure is required and it is wanted now.

When can we expect it?

A bona-fide treatment may yet be decades away, but when regular vitamin shots can be used to control the illness itself, allowing patients to survive longer, better lives, then I’d say that we were absolutely on the right path.

Drugs that rule the illness can be obtainable soon, though. Large-scale Human being trials have hinted that vitamin B3 is trustworthy for widespread use. This means that it might be available to patients all over the world relatively soon.

Doctors eventually hope to be able to treat PKD in the womb, stopping the disease before it begins. That may, effectively, constitute a cure. Such expertise is likely 10 years (or more) away, but we’re getting there.

Cool Factor: 5/5

Remember that scene in ‘Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home’ where the crew of that Enterprise fly back in time to that mid 1980’s and Doc McCoy encounters an elderly Woman who wants kidney dialysis. Exploding in skepticism, the great doctor cries “what is this, the dark ages!?” before giving the Lady a pill that swiftly grows her a new kidney, much to her joy. That’s where we can be within a couple of decades – ‘Star Trek’ technology. What could be cooler than that?

Joining the NHS organ donor list is a way you may help this example, today. 

Possible Treatment for PKD

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Nelson Mandela Celebrates ninety fifth Birthday in Hospital

Nelson Mandela has celebrated his ninety fifth birthday. The former South African Leader, still critically sick following a recurring lung disease, is claimed to be making improvement towards a stable condition.

Current South African President Jacob Zuma is said to be “encouraged” by Mr. Mandela’s progress. “I was able to say ‘happy birthday’ and he was in a position to smile,” said Mr. Zuma in a statement.

Mandela’s birthday can be International Mandela Day, one day declared by the U.N in honour to that Man’s contributions to racial equality, as well as to South Africa and also the world.

South African artiste Paul Blomkamp will unveil a large painting of Mandela in New York’s Times Square and various commemorative events might be happening in Melbourne, Australia.

In Africa, school children will be singing a synchronised rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ for our President, while President Zuma will supervise the donation of homes to poor families in the Pretoria area. In Johannesburg, residents and well wishers will be forming a Human chain that’s expected to stretch from the Fashion District all of the way to that heart of that city.

Meanwhile, volunteers around the planet (including British Entrepreneur Richard Branson) will contribute 67 minutes to charitable action or community service, to be able to mark Mr. Mandela’s 67 years of public service (a time which incorporates his prison sentence, as well as his time as a lawyer, an activist and South Africa’s first black President).

Mr. Mandela’s daughter Zindzi was quoted as saying that her father was making “amazing development” reporting that he has been watching hospital television with headphones on. “We expect having him back in the home soon” she said.

Mandela’s partner, Graca Machel has said that she is “less anxious” about his health than before. Today also marks the couple’s 15th wedding anniversary.

Mr. Mandela is generally communicating together with his eyes and hands, but guests often say again that he is smiling a great deal also.

Following a present-giving ceremony in the Mamelodi Township, Mandela’s family will share a unique birthday lunch with him. The family have prepared 95 cupcakes in the honour.

Nelson Mandela Celebrates ninety fifth Birthday in Hospital

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The best android tablet for working in retail

Allow me, if I could, to ask a matter in reply to the question: Is there a spot in our high street shops for tablets?

Blogger David Winefield generally reckons so; his site ‘The Digital Gist’ which is about ‘living on the convergence point of media and technology’ (while for myself, I prefer to commute) has a pleasant article about this very subject. In the piece, David says,

“While the iPad has been the overwhelming choice when it comes to in-store tablet deployments (see: Belly, Square, Nine West, Urban Outfitters), Android is beginning to step out of the shadows. Many startups and brands are beginning to see the value of Android tablets at retail – more economical, open platform, more device choices, etc.  I recently interacted with a Buzztime tablet at Buffalo Wild Wings that was Android-based. It was a great experience, at a fraction of the cost of deploying iPads. Ziosk is another example of a startup looking to deploy tableside tablets at scale. Guess what platform they went with?…Android”.

Because of that familiarity of Android mobile phones and other devices, not to mention the increased developmental potential of the variety, it appears fairly easy to predict that Android will probably grow to dominate in this area (perhaps with brand names licensing special apps that not just work in the shop, but additionally work as a mail-order catalogue). It isn’t even too far-fetched to envisage AR content showing in-store when seen via the pc tablets. All of those ideas would produce purchaser notice, I’m sure.

So, back to the question, if there is a place for tablet pc’s in our shops, what is the best Tablet pc to use in retail?

In fact, my answer could be an Android-based device fashioned by a startup identified in Winefield’s content. This company, called Leaf, sell a tablet PC particularly for shopping. However, additionally they make an app that can be downloaded to further Android tablets (and also the iPhone).

Interestingly, Leaf appears to be aiming its tablet at both companies and individuals, with two separate informational routes showing over on the product’s official blog.  By making the available tablet to as many people as likely, Leaf are really opening up a huge marketplace.

Over on the blog, they are saying, 

“Leaf enables you to efficiently collect payments and interact with customers. We solicit feedback from your customers and provide real-time analytics that make growing your business easy”.

One more area where Android possess the advantage is in cost, as it costs a lot less to kit your users out with Android tablets than it does to give them iPads.

Still imagine this complete tablet thing may be a chapter? Earlier in 2013, Will Kelly of talked in regards to the use of tablet pc’s within the retail setting. He believed,

“Machine-to-machine (M2M) technologies enable device-to-device communications without the need for a PC to be in the middle. The retail industry is reaping the potential in M2M and tablets by replacing traditional cash registers with more economical (and mobile) tablets. Such moves are helping customer service by getting staff out from behind a stationary cash register and back on the sales floor. In the back office, M2M and tablets are changing the way that the retail industry conducts inventory and other back office activities to ensure retailers are keeping a competitive edge”.

Now if only they would develop them in Primark.

The best android tablet for working in retail

Monday, July 15, 2013

Nelson Mandela is on the route of recovery

Past South African President and civil rights icon Nelson Mandela, who is in hospital since eighth Of june, has in the last few days showed some little signs of progress, according to South African President Jacob Zuma.

Reported by Mr. Zuma, who cancelled a trip to Mozambique to see the ninety four year old in hospital, “He’s significantly better today than he was when I saw him last night.”

Mr. Mandela’s daughter Makaziwe has also reported that her father is “still there”, which has provided faith to the hundreds of thousands worldwide who wish the former President a quick recovery. However, she has too affirmed “he does not look good”. Mandela’s condition is still believed to be serious.

Huge crowds have gathered outside the hospital, with a bunch of children who released 94 balloons, one for each year of Mandela’s life. US President Barack Obama described Mr. Mandela as “a hero for the world” and commented that his inheritance will survive through the ages.

Online, an enormous outburst of support for Mr. Mandela, too as his family and legacy, has dwarfed the relatively limited, culturally motivated attempts to smear the previous President’s name for shock worth and/or web hits.

Nelson Mandela was the dynamic energy behind the replacement of that racist Apartheid regime and a multi-racial South African democracy.

For his dealings as the member of that political underground, Mr. Mandela was imprisoned for twenty seven years. Before he was sentenced, Mandela notably made his case for independence and equality within the Rivona courtroom.

“I’ve respected the ideal of a democratic and free society that all persons live jointly in harmony and with equal possibilities (…) It’s an ideal which I hope to live for also to accomplish. When needs be, it is an ideal that I’m ready to pass on.” He said. Upon his liberate, Madela ultimately grew to become South Africa’s 1st black President and was jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, with ex- President F.W de Klerk, in 1993.

Since voluntarily stepping down as Leader in 1999, Mr. Mandela has worked as an ambassador, campaigned against HIV/AIDS (an affliction which caused the death of his son in 2005) and negotiated peace treaties in Africa and somewhere else in the world. On his 89th birthday, he fashioned ‘The Elders’ a group of foremost statesmen and famous figures, with the intent of tackling some of our world’s toughest troubles.

In 2004, he retired from public life generally, seeking to engage in “quiet reflection”.

I wish Mr. Mandela a powerful and immediate recovery and stay hopeful that, in spite of his advanced years, the person known the world over as ‘Madiba’ can continue to work as a source for better in this world.


Nelson Mandela is on the route of recovery

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Wouldn"t that baugette taste better with some homemade chutney

Britain is 1 of the most fun places to live inside the planet. We paved the way in healthcare and education and revel in a gorgeous, fertile nation that may be just pleading to get explored. Oh, naturally we complain, but we don’t in reality mean it, do we?           

One to those fantastic things about Britain is what unique people have made it their home all through history. Our cultural landscape is really a vibrant patchwork of people with origins all over the country. The effect this has had on cuisine, songs masculinityfemininity and the whole thing else can be amazing. But, on this post, we’re mainly excited about food. 

Here you’ll be able to find out everything you might want to concerning chutneys and pickles, how to make them, where to purchase materials and how to ensure that your chutneys and pickles are entirely top degree. 

Both chutneys and pickles have their origins in India and were popularized in the United kingdom when the formulas came over using the earliest Indian immigrants. To this present day, the United kingdom people eat more Indian food (principally with chutneys and pickles) than anywhere else (besides India, naturally). 

It is amusing the level of Britain has in common with its Asiatic cousins; cricket, tea, curry and an ear for any good tune are just the starting points. If you’d like a flavor of India in your own home, or you just want to make ‘em like Granny used to, hit up our chutneys and pickles article and get pickling!

Wouldn"t that baugette taste better with some homemade chutney

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

New start-up Leaf Bringing Android Tablet pc"s to Retail shops

Editorial – We’re seeing a pattern in the direction of restaurants using PDA’s to take orders to the kitchen, and now the utilization of android tablets and ipad’s. Now retail shops and stores are seizing on the thought, using android Platform for their employees, A start-up organisation known as Leaf possess the solution for the retail marketplace with a point-of-sale method. Only time will tell but soon we might have shop assistants selling us produce on the street, outside the shop evidently!


Before jumping into this post, I need to preface the fact that I am a proud iPad owner. I think it is an amazing device. But, it’s not the only one out there.
Dave Haynes has a great post on his blog about a new startup called Leaf that is building out an Android-based point-of-sale system for retail. In his post, Dave highlights Leaf’s enterprising approach to a segment of the tablet market that has been dominated by Apple.
I think Dave is spot on with his profile of Leaf. While the iPad has been the overwhelming choice when it comes to in-store tablet deployments (see: Belly, Square, Nine West, Urban Outfitters), Android is beginning to step out of the shadows.
Many startups and brands are beginning to see the value of Android tablets at retail – more economical, open platform, more device choices, etc.  I recently interacted with a Buzztime tablet at Buffalo Wild Wings that was Android-based. It was a great experience, at a fraction of the cost of deploying iPads. Ziosk is another example of a startup looking to deploy table-side tablets at scale. Guess what platform they went with?…Android.
While I believe that iPads and Android tablets both have a place in customer-facing retail deployments, it’s nice to see that companies are widening their view to take in all of the possibilities.

Source –

New start-up Leaf Bringing Android Tablet pc"s to Retail shops

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What you need to know if you"re looking to get a CB radio

Latest news – If you may be planning to get a CB two way radio then this post has a rundown of the stuff to look out for prior to a purchase.  If you’re a daily user or a first time user this short article will help you as part of your research for a ideal walkie talkie for your wants.


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Table Of Contents – Midland Radio - Midland Radio | Home
Congratulations on your purchase of a state-of-the-art mobile CB radio. In the years ahead, you can expect to realize time and again why Midland holds 


Before operating your Maxon Citizens Band Radio, read this Owner’s Manual carefully. If you have a problem, refer to the “Troubleshooting” section of


CB Radio Application Form – GRA – Home Page
Application form CB Radio Licence APPLICANT DETAILS Name Address Tel: Fax: Email: BASE STATION DETAILS Station Address (if different from above or enter ‘Mobile’) 


29 LTD HD LE Operating Instructions for your Cobra 29 LTD HD LE Edition CB Radio The Citizens Band lies between the shortwave broadcast and 10-meter Amateur radio bands, 


-J03645 REV. 2008-05-14 ADVANCED AUDIO CB RADIO KIT GENERAL Kit Number 76416-06C Models For model fitment inf ormation, please see the P&A Retail Cat-


TRC-499 - CB Tricks – Home Page
Cat. No. 21-1599 OWNER’S MANUAL 40-Channel 2-Way CB Radio Please read before using this equipment. TRC-499 Page 1 Thursday, August 5, 1999 10:59 AM 


2 How to install your Midland mobile CB .. 3 Installation and operating accessories furnished with your Midland 


TRC521 CB Radio - CBRadioMagazine.Com – The Only Online CB …
CB radio provides hours of fun and entertainment! Listen and talk to people from all over the country while traveling, and make new friends along routes that you regularly travel. 


PRO 510 Professional Mobile CB Radio - Home – At Uniden
Replacement or substitution of crystals, transistors, IC’s, regulator diodes or any other part of a unique nature, with parts other than those recommended 

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CB RADIO ANTENNA – ZCG SCALAR – Antennas For Broadcast, Base …
CB RADIO ANTENNA SUMMARY ZCG Scalar, Head Office, 1 Hall Street, PO Box 7, Lindenow, Victoria, 3865, Australia Telephone (03) 5157-1203, Fax (03) 5157-1641 


Installing A Mobile CB Radio - Cobra Technical
Installing a Mobile CB Radio Typically the first step in installing a mobile CB is to choose the radio. There are a number of features to consider such as: 


40 Channel Mobile CB Radio - CB Tricks – Home Page
Cat. No. 21-1703 OWNER’S MANUAL Please read before using this equipment. 40 Channel Mobile CB Radio with Channel 9/19 Priority Switch A TRC-503 Page 1 Thursday, August 5, 1999 4:41 PM 

Cat. No. 21-1701 OWNER’S MANUAL 40-Channel 2-Way CB Radio Please read before using this equipment. TRC-501 Page 1 Thursday, August 5, 1999 12:50 PM 


Public.. – WordPress.Com — Get A Free Blog Here
Public.. While Family Radio Service (FRS) is gaining in popularity, in some respects it is not as useful as the venerable Citizens Band (CB) radio. 

PRO 520XL Professional Mobile CB Radio - Home – At Uniden
Sheet 2 Page PRO 520XL Professional Mobile CB Radio Printed in China. UTZZ01363EZ(0) 


CB/Ham Radio Base Station Antenna
CB/Ham Radio Base Station Antenna Your Radio Shack CB/Ham Radio Base Station Antenna comes in three eas y-to-as-semble sections and covers far above and below the traditional CBchannels. 


K PwrSaver DW Func CB/WX CH9/19 Scan HH38WXST Citizens Band 2-Way Handheld CB Radio “Ingenious Products for Easier Communication.” Operating Instructions 


Choosing A Radio
PA Capability – Allows use of the CB radio and microphone as a transmitter for a public address system. This requires a PA horn (usually not included) that can be mounted 


Secrets Of Successful CB Communications
But CB is our radio of choice for convoys so what say we get it right and make memories on convoys instead of headaches? 


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What you need to know if you"re looking to get a CB radio